PERC2 questions

David wb8foz at
Sat Apr 29 18:47:04 CDT 2006

So I inherited severel PERC2/SC & /DC RAID cards. These 
were OEM'ed MegaRAID unit's I'm told. Looking to use with 
Debian Stable.

And they do appear to have the same PCB's & ^M screens as 
the MegaRAID-labeled cards I have.

But they can find no drives, period. I unplug the chain 
from the PERC and swap in a native MegaRAID; all is well. 
Back again, no joy.

a) Any suggestions? I've checked the obvious TERM, FAST vs 
ULTRA, etc; but have no clue what MASS STORAGE vs I2O 
means here. {Tried both}

b)I'm using these in {gasp..} non-DELL motherboards; is 
that the problem somehow?

c) LSILogic Support disowned them but hinted I can just 
flash their firmware vs Dell's... true?

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