Opteron in a Dell?

Sander Steffann s.steffann at computel.nl
Sat Apr 29 09:13:08 CDT 2006


> Anyone have any thoughts on if we'll ever see an
> Opteron-based Dell?  I'm sure everyone's mileage
> may vary but I've found an Opteron-based server
> from Sun with two single-core 2.8 GHz cpu's is
> about 35% faster than a similarly configured PE1850
> with two 3.8 GHz Xeon cpu's for the type of web-based
> short-running but compute-bound processing that we
> subject servers to.  It consumes 2.7 amps of power
> vs 3.5 amps while doing this too.

I certainly hope that Dell will start selling Opteron based servers soon. I 
have no experience with Opterons (yet), but from postings on the PostgreSQL 
mailing lists it seems that PostgreSQL at least will run 50-100% faster on 
Opterons than on Xeons.

> [...] but for the price
> being just a little more, we'd break even on the
> difference in two months at most thanks to the
> performance gain allowing us to put more customers on
> a system and the power savings, so it's tough to
> stay loyal given that.

Same here. I would probably go for HP though. I built a DL385 configuration 
similar to one of our PE2850's, and the HP price was even lower than the 
Dell. I am seriously thinking about switching to HP if Dell does not start 
offering Opteron based servers very soon.

- Sander.

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