Opteron in a Dell?

Jacob Bunk Nielsen bunk at exiqon.com
Fri Apr 28 03:07:55 CDT 2006

"David Hubbard" <dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com> writes:

> Anyone have any thoughts on if we'll ever see an Opteron-based Dell?

I don't think we will anytime soon. Dell seems to be very loyal to

> I'm sure everyone's mileage may vary but I've found an Opteron-based
> server from Sun with two single-core 2.8 GHz cpu's is about 35%
> faster than a similarly configured PE1850 with two 3.8 GHz Xeon
> cpu's for the type of web-based short-running but compute-bound
> processing that we subject servers to.

We've had similar experiences. We recently purchased a HP DL585 in
stead of a Dell PE 6850. The HP outperforms the Dell with a
significant margin.

Anandtech recently did an interesting test:

> Having to buy [Sun-gear] through resellers is a hassle I don't like
> either [...]

I agree - I've also found that buying through Sun's resellers is a
hassle. Dell is far better than Sun in that respect.


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