Is rebuild state 30% ok ?

Jon Etkins jetkins at
Wed Apr 26 10:40:26 CDT 2006

You're confusing rebuild STATE with rebuild RATE.

The 30% RATE is a measure of the resources that the PERC will devote to
rebuilding a container if and when its ever needed - the higher the
rate, the sooner the rebuild will complete but the more impact it will
have on I/O performance during the rebuild. 

Conversely, a rebuilt STATE of 30% would indicate that a rebuild was in
progress and had got that far towards completion.   (Though in reality I
think the actual term used is different from "rebuilt state"; "rebuild
progress", perhaps?)

So, nothing to worry about - all is well.


Jon Etkins
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The thing i find strange is the line => Rebuild Rate : 30%

Does that mean that my raid1 isn't ok ?
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