Critical hardware error with Perc4e/DC controller on PowerEdge 850

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Mon Apr 24 06:02:30 CDT 2006

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> Thanks Harald,
> > Try to reboot and run:
> >
> > 	  bash# ./linttylog /TTY_HIST_BBU_ON
> >
> > Do not run any other linttylog command first.
> Yes this finally worked. I have turned the battery on and 
> dumped a new log right after rebooting.
> I assume this mailing list does not accept attachments, 
> therefore I have put them on my website: 
> Please have a look and let me know if this is a hardware 
> error or if it could still be caused by some driver issues...
> Regards, michael
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Well, this is a bit or more like a byte over my head... 


04/24 4:45:09: *** PREFETCH ABORT exception: sf=a0281d7c 
04/24 4:45:09: CPSR=200000d3: N=0,Z=0,C=1,V=0,Q=0 I=1 F=1 T=0 MODE=13(SVC) 
04/24 4:45:09: r0=a0211200 r1=00000001 r2=a0209d00 r3=40000000 04/24 4:45:09: r4=00000100 r5=a0103570 r6=200000d3 r7=00000008 
04/24 4:45:09: r8=a0211200 r9=00000001 r10=a011c1c0 r11=a0281dfc 
04/24 4:45:09: r12=a0211200 lr=a00d9180 pc=a00d918c [0]: fp=a0281d0c, lr=a00633d4 - mon_task+f4 [1]: fp=a0281d40, lr=a00d6568 - abort_prefetch+28 [2]: fp=a0281d54, lr=a000a820 - _etext_rom+16d113c [3]: fp=a0281d78, lr=a000a24c - _etext_rom+16d0b68 [4]: fp=a0281dc0, lr=a00d918c - ProcessHostDmaInterrupt+8c [5]: fp=a0281dfc, lr=a00d633c - FIQ_isr+3c [6]: fp=a0281e24, lr=a000aa48 - _etext_rom+16d1364 [7]: fp=a0281e38, lr=a000a44c - _etext_rom+16d0d68 [8]: fp=a0281e80, lr=a006ecc8 - set_state+1e8 [9]: fp=a0281ec0, lr=a006dfe4 - raid_task+944 [10]: fp=a028211c, lr=a00d5d94 - main+194 [11]: fp=a0282104, lr=a0209be8 - DellROMB+0 mon_task: INTCTL=57800000:30151cf, IINTSRC=0:0, FINTSRC=0:1000002, CPSR=600000d3, sp=a0281d10 MegaMon> 


The PREFETCH ABORT is an ARM processor exception.

Here is some information I googled regarding the error:

Prefetch Abort
Occurs when the processor attempts to execute an instruction that has
been prefetched from an illegal address. An illegal address is one at
which memory does not exist, or one that the memory management
subsystem has determined is inaccessible to the processor in its current

Prefetch Abort
If the instruction being executed was read in error, then it is flagged as causing a Prefetch Abort, but this exception is only taken if the instruction reaches the execution stage of the pipeline, and if none of the above exceptions have gone off at this point. IRQs will be disabled, but other exception sources are enabled, and can be taken during the exception handler if necessary. 


My adviced action:
 - Try disabling Patrol Read in the Controller BIOS. (Or with the MegaPR tool)
 - Are you running any Monitoring Software, MegaRC, Megamon or OMSA? (Try disabling to see if problem dissaper.)
 - Contact Dell tech support. 

Harald Jensås

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