Critical hardware error with Perc4e/DC controller on PowerEdge 850

Michael Stucki mundaun at
Fri Apr 21 07:19:08 CDT 2006

Hi again,

> I belive the TTY log is cleared after a hardreset.
> 2 Suggestions
> 1. You might be able to have network share, USB key or floppy drive
> mounted. And can possibly dump the controller log before doing a hardreset.
> 2. Turn battery on for TTY logging
> With winttylog it is the following switch: (I could not find doc's for
> linux right now, but I guess you will figure it out..) /TTY_HIST_BBU_ON -
> Turn battery on for TTY logging

Yes it is exactly the same switch. However, this does not work:

srv01:/home/mstucki/raidtest# ./linttylog /?
rm: cannot remove `/dev/megadev0': Read-only file system
mknod: `/dev/megadev0': File exists
Usage : linttylog [/D] [/Ax] [/I] [/F filename][/TTY_HIST_CLR] 

    Running ttylog.exe without any option will update tty.log file with the

I could work around this by remounting the /dev directory over a ramdisk. 
However, had still no luck:

srv01:/home/mstucki/raidtest# ./linttylog /TTY_HIST_BBU_ON

        Serial Port Output History Handling Application 1.00 (Date 10/01/2003)
                Copyright (c) 2003 LSI Logic Corp.
        No Adapters Found

> I recomend that you turn the battery off for TTY logging when you are done
> troubleshooting this.

What is this battery used for? Is there anything I have to know about?

Regards, michael

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