PowerEdge 1850 + debian sarge + EMC AX100

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Mon Apr 17 18:18:10 CDT 2006

Hi there,

Basically you have 2 options for an iSCSI initiator:

- Use an iSCSI HBA with an available linux driver and software. (I've 
never done that before...)

- Use a software iSCSI initiator.

This paper here gives you an fairly good starting point:

For me it was very helpful to get an overview of what's available about 
iSCSI in the linux world.

Best regards,
Phokham Nonava

On 14.04.2006 17:22, sylvain.david at etranges-libellules.fr wrote:
> Thank you John,
> My problem, is that I have an AX100, so now I have to find a solution to 
> use it.
> Dell tell me that EMC AX100 was supported officialy with redhat distro 
> (but not Debian...) So I think that if Redhat can, Debian can too! And I 
> love Debian, so I will do all what I can to install Debian on my 
> Poweredge 1850 / EMC AX100 combo.
> I saw an option in the 2.6 kernel configuration which deals about AX/CX 
> support. This option is somewhere in the RAID/LVM support sub option. I 
> think it's something like CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_EMC but i'm not sure.And 
> there are nice site about iSCSI and linux :
> - http://linux-iscsi.sourceforge.net/
> - http://www.cuddletech.com/articles/iscsi/
> I will read and test all of that, and when I will find a good solution, 
> I will write it somewhere (for the next installation), and if people on 
> this list are nice, I probably post this doc here too... :)
> have a nice week end!
> Sylvain.
> Well, if someone have already a tutorial about debian poweredge & AX100, 
> he could post it too!
> John Parnefjord a écrit :
>> When I was talking to Dell about a SAN they claimed that the iSCSI was only supported by Windows. Linux distros (read RedHat) was not supported. And they wouldn't sell me the larger model, CX300 or something, as I'm using Debian and they can't give support on that which has to be included when buying one of those, puh!
>> Anyway this was what Frederic Perrouin answered me when I asked the list about powerpath on debian:
>> "If you want you can use md with mdadm package to make same thing like powerpath emc.
>> Mdadm can make array for RAID, but can make multipath too."
>> // John
>>> Hi all,
>>> I successfully install debian sarge on my new poweredge 1850, 
>>> but it's the first time I use iSCSI, so I'm looking for any 
>>> experience with such configuration. I'm on the way to upgrade 
>>> my kernel to a 2.6.x (the megaraid name driver issue should 
>>> not be a problem for me, well I hope!) but I'm lost about how 
>>> to install powerpath to connect the poweredge 1850 with the 
>>> AX100. Does anyone has an experience to share with debian and 
>>> AX100, or better a tutorial?
>>> Thank you
>>> Sylvain.
>>> ----
>>> In my natural language :
>>> Bonjour à tous,
>>> j'ai installé avec succès Debian Sarge sur mon nouveau 
>>> poweredge 1850, mais c'est la première fois que j'utilise 
>>> iSCSI. Aussi, si quelqu'un a une experience d'utilisation de 
>>> Debian avec AX100, je suis très interessé. Je suis sur le 
>>> point de mettre à jour mon noyau 2.4 vers un
>>> 2.6 (j'ai lu pas mal de documentation sur les soucis liés au 
>>> changement de nom du drivers megaraid, mais je devrais m'en 
>>> sortir, enfin
>>> j'espère!) C'est surtout la procédure d'installation pour 
>>> faire communiquer la baie AX100 iSCSI avec le poweredge 1850 
>>> qui m'effraie. 
>>> Est-ce que quelqu'un a une expérience d'utilisation  de 
>>> Debian avec une baie AX100, ou mieux un tutorial?
>>> Merci d'avance!
>>> Sylvain.
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