using ahci driver on a PE830

Marc Bejarano list.linux-poweredge at beej.og
Fri Apr 14 17:35:37 CDT 2006

At 22:21 4/11/2006, Brendan Conoboy wrote:
 >I only changed /etc/modprobe.conf to use ahci instead of ata_piix, then
 >made a new initrd (Left BIOS at default setting).

hrm.  i tried that and the driver didn't find any hardware :(

 >this is also
 >necessary on a Dell Dimension 9150 (aka XPS 400).

that uses the intel 945P chipset, so the sata controller should be either 
an ICH7 or ICH7R.  the PE830 has an ICH7R.

can you go into the BIOS and tell me what the options are for the sata 
controller?  like i said, the PE830 only has "ATA mode" and off.

is there anybody else out there with a PE830?

anybody from dell care to chime in?


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