PowerVault 124T support for linux.

Frederick D. Kass fkass at mtholyoke.edu
Thu Apr 13 15:42:14 CDT 2006

I know this isn't the PowerVault list but it is the closest I could find. 

I am looking at various open source backup solutions and tape autoloaders.  
More specifically I think I'd like to use Bacula or Amanda and a 
PowerVault 124T.  Is anyone currently using this configuration that could 
give me more feedback on how well it works?

I've been doing a lot of reseach and it looks like older PowerVault 
products seem supported by mtx however I am somewhat disappointed to find 
Dell not part of the Linux Tape Device Certification Program or the 124T 
listed in the mtx compatibility list.  The only 124T posts I have found is 
one to the bacula list saying he can't use mtx to switch tapes inside the 


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