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> What are the best parameters for dump on DAT72.

For all SCSI tape drives (DAT or DLT) I used almost the same
parameters.  I suppose you don't need special ones for
a DAT72.

> And what are the difference between /dev/st0{a,l,m} ?

That depends on your configuration.  I use Debian's
package mt-st for initialization and define the parameters
for the tape devices in /etc/stinit.def.  Entries are made 
up like this:

manufacturer=HP model = "C1537A" {
can-bsr can-partitions
mode1 async=1 block=20480 buff=1 compression=1 read=1
mode2 async=1 block=512 buff=1 compression=0 read=1
mode3 async=1 block=10240 buff=1 compression=1 read=1
mode4 async=1 block=0 buff=1 compression=1 read=1

"mode1" is for /dev/st0, "mode2" for st0l, "mode3" for st0m
and "mode4" for st0a.

> Any pointers ?

Kernel-source: linux/Documentation/scsi/st.txt


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