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Johan De Meersman jdm at operamail.com
Wed Apr 12 09:37:41 CDT 2006

PMilanese at nypl.org wrote:

>      I was under the impression that the OP was in need of a quick
>solution. With all of this restructuring, one must consider it may be
>justifiable to just go ahead and DB it, allowing for much better tuning,
>use of cache, indexing, etc... No? You can either dig through the hill or
>climb over it. I'd dig in this case. More work, but in the end it will be
>much more efficient.

I seem to recall the initial question being wether ReiserFS or XFS would
provide the most performance benefit. Nobody's been able to give a
definitive answer to that question, but considering that either requires
a backup/restore, changing the hardware doesn't require much additional
work, just time to get it delivered.

>From there, of course, it degenerated into a discussion about disk
performance :-) Now, as the adage goes, you can have it better, faster
and cheaper. Pick any two.

Your temporary financial embarrassment will be relieved in a surprising manner.

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