using ahci driver on a PE830

Brendan Conoboy blc at
Tue Apr 11 21:21:49 CDT 2006

Marc Bejarano wrote:
> hi, all.  i'm a new subscriber.  i've got a couple PowerEdge 830's that 
> i've been tinkering with.  i ran into the same thing that Brendan Conoboy 
> ran into with his PE800 last july:
> he was using the ata_piix driver with the onboard SATA controller and 
> getting crappy performance.  he managed to get the ahci driver working, but 
> it's not clear if he did this after setting the controller to RAID mode in 
> the BIOS.  i've heard that this puts it in native SATA mode.

I only changed /etc/modprobe.conf to use ahci instead of ata_piix, then 
made a new initrd (Left BIOS at default setting).  FWIW, this is also 
necessary on a Dell Dimension 9150 (aka XPS 400).  Having subsequently 
decomissioned the PE800, I can't say what the latest BIOS requires.

-Brendan Conoboy (blc at

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