Reiserfs vs XFS

Johan De Meersman jdm at
Tue Apr 11 11:21:01 CDT 2006

Umm... is that 14 MILLION files ? *gropes for the cluebat*

I'm not too familiar with XFS, but ReiserFS is indeed a very good choice
for small files - or big files, for that matter :)

However, you might want to hash your filenames regardless of filesystem
or underlying disks. Less files is better (listings and such things),
and I usually try to keep below 10k entries per directory - a number I
got from the Ext2 specs :-)

For example, a file called lDfz70d2g.tmp would go in lDf/z70/d2g.tmp -
thus severely limiting the maximum number of entries in each directory.

This should be a relatively small change in the code, and bring a
substantial (and permanent!) performance gain.

Jean-Francois Bouchard wrote:

>Hi linux-poweredge ,
>We are using a PV 2205 full of 300 gb drive. Inside that we have 14 000 
>000 files, that totalize 1.6tb of data. Right now we have some probleme 
>with directory size (too mutch file in one directory) and we like to 
>know if ReiserFS is a better chose for a lots of small file.
>Someone did real performance test on PV 2205 with XFS and ReiserFS.
>Thanks for idea and comment.
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You're definitely on their list.  The question to ask next is what list it is.

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