using ahci driver on a PE830

Marc Bejarano list.linux-poweredge at beej.og
Mon Apr 10 17:26:08 CDT 2006

hi, all.  i'm a new subscriber.  i've got a couple PowerEdge 830's that 
i've been tinkering with.  i ran into the same thing that Brendan Conoboy 
ran into with his PE800 last july:

he was using the ata_piix driver with the onboard SATA controller and 
getting crappy performance.  he managed to get the ahci driver working, but 
it's not clear if he did this after setting the controller to RAID mode in 
the BIOS.  i've heard that this puts it in native SATA mode.

in any case, as of rev A02, the PE830 BIOS only has two options for the 
onboard ICH7R controller: "ATA Mode" and "Off".  i'm only able to use the 
ata_piix driver with "ATA Mode".  so i'm hoping that there is somebody from 
Dell on this list that can either tell me what i'm doing wrong or get 
somebody from Dell to respin an uncrippled BIOS.


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