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Hello Frederico !
The link below (from the RHEL 4 Release has some interesting
Both Dell and LSI Logic have indicated that they no longer support these
models below in the 2.6 kernel. As a result, these adapters are not
supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4: 
*	Dell PERC (dual-channel fast/wide SCSI) RAID controller 

*	Dell PERC2/SC (single-channel Ultra SCSI) RAID controller 

*	Dell PERC2/DC (dual-channel Ultra SCSI) RAID controller 

*	Dell CERC (four-channel ATA/100) RAID controller 

*	MegaRAID 428 

*	MegaRAID 466 

*	MegaRAID Express 500 

*	HP NetRAID 3Si and 1M 

Is your PERC adaptec or LSI ?


Vladimir Silva


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    Hello, i need to upgrade from redhat 3 enterprise to redhat 4
enterprise in a dell poweredge 2400 with raid 5.  
  The problem is that I cant upgrade, i think its a problem with the
raid controller.
I try to make a clean intallation, but que same problem.  "Cant transfer
the image to hard disk". 
  Redhat enterprise 3 installation was perfect, but y need redhat 4.
  Thank you very much!
Sorry abouth my english.

Federico Fros.

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