Subject: OMSA + DMI + SNMP

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Fri Apr 7 07:43:40 CDT 2006

Fantastic observation Steve...

I think that you can extract snmp from the instrumentation that is
installed on linux by OMSA. I know that it can be reached through IT
Assistant, if you have the tree views turned on. Perhaps you can walk the
devices and find what you're looking for. I do not see why you wouldn't be
able to install OMSA on the precision box, but I don't know what kind of
functionality you would have. I personally think it's way too much of a
resource hog to put on a workstation.


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Personally I would be interested to know how this Windows only software
will run on RHEL 3, 4, SLES 9 and Debian.

On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 07:24 -0500, Cecil_Greathouse at wrote:
> Check this url out and see if it is what you are looking for.
> nitor?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd
> "OpenManage Client Instrumentation is an easy-to-use software agent that
> is offered as a factory-installed option on all Dell Precision
> workstations and Latitude notebooks, and ships standard on all OptiPlex
> desktops. Client Instrumentation enables communication of key
> configuration and system status information.
> Used in conjunction with management console solutions from Dell's
> partners Altiris and Microsoft, or other popular third-party management
> software, OpenManage Client Instrumentation enables administrators to
> effectively and efficiently: Collect hardware inventory and
> configuration information
> Receive proactive notification of potential fault conditions
> Perform remote BIOS updates and BIOS setting configuration on one client
> system or a group of Dell systems"
> cecilg
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> Dear all.
> Main of my systems are Dell Precision Workstation and Dell PowerEdge
> server with Linux ( RHEL 3 and 4, SLES 9, Debian ). I would appreciate
> to get a access to the DMI/SMBIOS of my Linux systems. I use OMSA on PE
> server. But could I install OMSA core and some OMSA module on my
> Precision workstation to have the some functionnality. If not? Could you
> please advice?
> Regards
> Vincent
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