SCSI devices and PowerVault

Tanguy LE CARROUR tanguy.lecarrour at
Thu Apr 6 08:18:05 CDT 2006

PMilanese at a écrit :

>This is probably due to your pci configuration. It may read them in order.
>Maybe you can try swapping the cards on the riser.
I'll try that, thanks!
I also used uDev rules to create symlink in the /dev directory. I'll
then use this devices ( /dev/internal_disk )  instead of /dev/sda.

>Also, what do you mean by managing the PVs? Do you mean the Perc? Other
>than events trapped through SCSI, I don't know what else there is. They may
>even go to the syslog.
There's no remote control card on those servers ... unfortunatly.
By "managing the PV" I meant that I'll plug 2 PE on 1 PV and I need to
have only one RAID configuration.
I want to create 2 Logical Drives ... do I've to configure each PE ??
I'm afraid there's no RAID controler on PV ! :-(

Tanguy , Padawan Administrator

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