Linux Clustering with PowerEdge+PowerVault

Kirk Ismay captain at
Thu Apr 6 12:18:30 CDT 2006

I'm looking at getting some new servers for web & email use. Would like 
to implement either load balancing or failover capability. My 
distribution of choice is Debian linux.

I am looking at getting 2 PE2850s and a PV220 for shared storage, which 
is within my budget. If anyone has recommendations or links for further 
reading, I'd appreciate it.

What kind of clustering configurations are possible with this hardware?
Can I have the 2 PE2850s sharing a single LV, or can LVs only be used by 
one server at a time?

Is a PERC 4 with an external channel sufficient, or should the PV220 get 
its own SCSI controller?  Which PERC card would be most suitable for 
this configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Kirk Ismay
System Administrator

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