SCSI devices and PowerVault

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This is probably due to your pci configuration. It may read them in order.
Maybe you can try swapping the cards on the riser.

Also, what do you mean by managing the PVs? Do you mean the Perc? Other
than events trapped through SCSI, I don't know what else there is. They may
even go to the syslog.


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I need to make a standard configuration of 5 dell PE1850 running Gentoo :
    SCSI card :    1000:0030    "Symbios|53c1030"
    RAID ctrl :     1000:1960     "LSI Logic|PowerEdge RAID Controller

Two of them will be connected to a PowerVault 220s.

Whithout PV, the internal scsi disk is /dev/sda ... but on the PE
connected to PV ( w/ 2 logical drives configured ) I have:
    /dev/sda   :   first LD
    /dev/sdb   :   second LD
    /dev/sdc   :   internal disk

I've unsuccesfully modified the SCSI detection configuration via LSI
bios configuration.



PS: Is there a way to manage PowerVault Array under Gentoo ( whithout
OpenManage ) ?

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