SCSI devices and PowerVault

Tanguy LE CARROUR tanguy.lecarrour at
Thu Apr 6 03:59:53 CDT 2006


I need to make a standard configuration of 5 dell PE1850 running Gentoo :
    SCSI card :    1000:0030    "Symbios|53c1030"
    RAID ctrl :     1000:1960     "LSI Logic|PowerEdge RAID Controller 3/QC"

Two of them will be connected to a PowerVault 220s.

Whithout PV, the internal scsi disk is /dev/sda ... but on the PE
connected to PV ( w/ 2 logical drives configured ) I have:
    /dev/sda   :   first LD
    /dev/sdb   :   second LD
    /dev/sdc   :   internal disk

I've unsuccesfully modified the SCSI detection configuration via LSI
bios configuration.



PS: Is there a way to manage PowerVault Array under Gentoo ( whithout
OpenManage ) ?

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