Power Edge 830 and CERC

Peter Lauda plauda at rx30.com
Wed Apr 5 15:18:00 CDT 2006

I am so glad to have been told about this list. Thank you Andrew Hill.

I have need to make a standard RH kernel boot and run on this
server using the CERC SATA controller in RAID 1. I can get the install
to run just fine (it's a home roll for install reasons) but I can't ever
get it to boot after install. I am shimming the initrd with the aacraid
module and with sata_svc and about everyother sata_ module I can find. I
included scsi_mod, sd_mod, sr_mod as well. The system loads the accraid
module at startup and promptly hangs. It is still seeming to accept
keyboard input as I can type and get a newline. So... I think I'm
missing why this can happen but....  Is there any thing anyone can
suggest to help me get this to boot?


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