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NSClient is actually quite robust. I wouldn't switch it. I am testing its
inevitable successor, NC_NET, as nsclient doesn't get much attention

It depends on how you want to monitor smtp and mysql. Do you want it to do
regular service checks, or actually log in and do an expect?

If you want a service check, do something like this:

define command {
                command_name                    check_nt_services
                command_line                    $USER1$/check_nt -H

define service {
                service_description        name
                use                                   generic-service
                host_name                           hostname
                check_command              check_nt_services!"SERVICE_NAME"

You can pass a comma delimited list of services to do them all at once, but
I wouldn't do it that way.

Pretty simple actually.


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 Not to have you switch products but have you looked at OpenNMS?  they have
 many  prewritten scripts for testing MANY services including the ones you
 are asking about.  It will then report on the status of the port
 connection and seperately the actual operation of the service on that

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 Subject: nsclient
 I'm currently monitoring a few windows server 2003 machines with nsclient  
 Does anyone have any suggestions for monitoring smtp and mysql?            
 Can I use commands similar to the ones below and if so does anyone have    
 any samples from checkcommands.cfg and services.cfg?                       
 Define command{                                                            
         Command_name    check_nt_CPU                                       
         Command_line    $USER1$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 1248 -v       
 CPULOAD -l $ARG1$                                                          
 Define service{                                                            
         Use                             generic-service                    
         Host_name                       test-server                        
         Service_description             CPU Usage                          
         is_volatile                     0                                  
         Check_period                    24x7                               
         Max_check_attempts              3                                  
         Normal_check_interval           1                                  
         Retry_check_interval            1                                  
         Contact_groups                  linux-admins                       
         Notification_interval           300                                
         Notification_period             24x7                               
         Notification_options            w,U,c,R                            
 I'm pretty new to windows server so any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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