Dell PE 6850 and BIOS X14 + E07F0

Matt Hall matt_hall at
Wed Apr 5 12:52:32 CDT 2006

I'm using RHEL AS 3 (Taroon Update 5).

I'm getting some E07F0 errors on the front plate - 
Proc 1,2,4 are giving IERR ... so I thought I would
update firmware / bios revs to all the latest versions
in the hopes it might clear this up. (Since the system
has been running fine, and only recently starting having
some issues. 

Is this a physical issue with the CPUs, or is something I'm
doing on the box generating this? The machine is being used
as a VMWare GSX server, with 5-6 virtual machines up at a

Also, I visit the 6850 download pages ... and the BIOS rev 
available to me is a A02 one ... which in no way matches
the X14 (in fact, the BIOS update tool warned me about
this, so I opted to cancel until I had more information). 
Should I apply this update? 


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