perc 3/Di also unstable on and tuned aacraid-1.1-5

Adam Williams awilliam at
Wed Apr 5 07:30:51 CDT 2006

You can have the 3/di work as a normal scsi-non raid card (becomes an 
adaptec 7xxx U160 IIRC) and then run a software raid.  it works fine as 
a normal scsi card, its just terrible as a raid card where you'll have 
hiccups, go offline, etc.  I had aPE 2500 doing the same behavior.  If 
you do that and run a software raid, you'll have to backup your data and 
reinstall.  To make the 3/di a SCSI card, go into the Dell system BIOS 
(I think its hit f2 to enter setup when its counting up the memory) and 
there is somewhere in there an option to have the card be either RAID or 

Other solution if you want a hardware raid is to buy a PERC 3/DC.  It'll 
plug right in and work fine, but since its a megaraid/LSI based card, 
its not compatable with the adaptec container so you'd have to backup 
and reinstall.  But it will plugin and work fine electronically.  You 
would disable the onboard 3/di in the dell system bios.  Thats what I 
did on my PE 2500.  You can buy a 3/DC cheap on ebay (take your chances) 
or cheap through dell refurbished center (don't have the 800# off hand, 
you can call poweredge support and get the number, though)

Ingvar Hagelund wrote:
> This may be like whipping a dead horse, but we gave one of our 2650 with
> Perc 3/Di a new go with linux- from and aacraid
> driver 1.1-5 extracted from adaptec's latest rpm, and tuned
> AAC_MAX_32BIT_SGBCOUNT down to 256 in aacraid.h. We're also running
> latest firmware updates.
> This worked quite good for a couple of hours. Then we made a new 20GB
> logical volume and ran fsck -t ext3 on it. It died as earlier by putting
> the controller offline. To regain control over the device we had to use
> the "normal" procedure, that is;
> * power off
> * pull out one of the affected disks
> * boot
> * accept changes in the raid bios
> * power off again
> * reinsert disk
> * boot
> * accept the changes in the raid bios again
> * watch it boot the boot loader normally while reubilding the raid set.
> * sigh
> * drink a large coffee
> * go back to Debian's kernel 2.4.27, where it's working quite stable.
> Will it ever be possible to run 2.6 stable with this controller?
> Will software-raid (md) work stable?
> Eric Sisler posted in January under the subject "Two more reasons to
> avoid the PERC 3/Di RAID card (GRUB & fsck)" that it was possible to
> bypass the Dell firmware, "effectively turning the card into an Adaptec
> AIC-7899 dual-channel SCSI card". Is this a trivial task? Will it work
> with existing raid sets?
> Ingvar
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