PERC RAID firmware upgrade failed

Eric Belhomme eric.belhomme at
Wed Apr 5 01:03:38 CDT 2006


I know this is not a Linux specific problem, but I know there is a lot 
of Dell Gold support that reading this ml so I hope they'll be able to 
help me ;)

I have a problem with Dell PERC2/SC RAID card (a OEM AMI MegaRAID Series 
466) : I tried to flash the firmware to Dell rev. A02 (firwmare 3.13) 
but it failed and now the server hangs at boot time (I plugged the card 
on a MSI motherboard equiped with POST codes display by leds and it 
hangs at "CPU initialization")
So I'd like to know if there is a way to reprogram the EEPROM, or if I 
have to put the card to trash...

I precise this is a personnal card for my "home server" (not at my 
office) and I have not so much money to buy a new card...

Thanks for help,


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