iostat for disk performance?

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Mon Apr 3 12:38:30 CDT 2006

OK, I've received two similar informative replies.

Let's try this:
The server is not yet in production, & I can put a test load on it.



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webster at wrote:
> Does anyone have any pros or cons regarding the 'iostat' utility.
> It appears to be a fairly easy way to get  IO/sec  &  KB/sec  .
> How does it compare with bonnie++ ?
If you mean iostat as from sysstat or dstat, it compares to bonnie++ 
like apples to oranges.  iostat shows live utilization as reported by 
the kernel on an ongoing basis.  bonnie++ does a performance benchmark 
to measure what is the optimal performance, the benchmark itself
is meant to be resource intensive and is not something that you want to 
run continuously on a production system as a way to measure performance.


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