Chaning RAID Configuration with PERC4/DC?

Irwan Hadi ihblist at
Sat Apr 1 01:25:37 CST 2006

As long as you take a note of the current RAID 5 volume configuration
at PERC BIOS (which disks belong to this volume and stripe size), you
should be able to clear configuration, and recreate a new
configuration for that RAID 5 volume, with the data intact.

Of course you should backup everything first in that RAID 5, just in case.

On 3/31/06, John Jung <john.jung at> wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have a PE750 running SLES 9.2 with a PERC4/DC that has about 10 SCSI
> disks hooked up.  The disks are in a variety of RAID 0's and one RAID 5
> configurations (don't ask).  I want to turn the RAID 0's into new RAID 5's
> while keeping the existing RAID 5.
>    Right now, I have logical drives 0-4 and 6 as RAID 0's, while logical
> drive 5 is the RAID 5.  The PERC4/DC BIOS has no obvious way of deleting just
> one logical drive.  Can I go into the PERC4/DC BIOS and wipe the existing
> configuration, create the new RAID 5's and re-create the existing RAID 5?
> Will the data in my existing RAID 5 be safe?
>    Additionally, in SLES, I have three LVM's setup (one for one group of RAID
> 0's, one for another group of RAID 0's, and a third for the RAID 5's).  How
> will Linux see the modified configuration?  Will it see that the old RAID 5
> (LD5) has switched to a new logical drive (say LD3) and re-mount it correctly?
>    I don't have OMSA loaded because I can't seem to get the pre-reqs loaded.
>    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
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