1850, Debian No RAID Large Disk Question?

Emil Pedersen emil.pedersen at its.uu.se
Thu Mar 31 07:37:19 CST 2005

> hello,
> I am installing Debian on an 1850 with an 80 GB scsi hard drive. it
> will be used as an apache/php web server. i read the following
> "Ext2 partitions tend to perform poorly on file system integrity
> checking when they are larger than 6GB or so"
> from here:
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-partitioning.en.html

Just a shot note to start with: ext2 is not specific to debian, 
although some of the other distributions use other file sytem _by 
default_.  You have the same possibilitys with debian as with any other 
distribution as long as it doesn't come to (paid for) support.

In the statment above, if by "file system integrity checking" they mean 
the time it takes to fsck a file system after it has been improperly 
shutdown[1], then yes.  The time to check a unclean ext2 filesystem 
will be roughly proportional to it's size.

Afaik, this is one of the benefits from running a journaled file system 
(fs), there are several to choose from.  Unless the fs is in a very bad 
shape the time it takes to get it up and running is significantly less. 
The second benefit is that it is less likely to corrupt the fs metadata.

> Question 2
> Is the BIOS set to this mode already

This problem is only valid for IDE disks I think.  Anyway, it should 
not cause you any problem with a new machine.

> Question 3
> If I am running Debian and no RAID do i need the utility partition

You may want to run some diagnostics from it in case of problem.  It 
may also be needed if you call Dell support (as they may want you to 
run some utility from there).  As far as linux concern, you certainly 
don't need it and I don't think you'll find it of usefull.  (The last 
dell I installed linux on was a PE2550 though, so this may not be true 

Good luck!


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