AW: Alternative disk drive configurations

jason andrade jason at
Thu Mar 31 05:55:35 CST 2005

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Matthias Pigulla wrote:

> I'll rip out my PERC3/Di these days because of the "issues" with it ;). I just wonder wheter to chose PERC3/DC or PERC4/DC as replacement.

gee, i hope you don't do that. you'll leave a nice hole int he motherboard
since it's on board :-)

> I think there's been a discussion about that on this list a while ago, but if there are performance reasons, I should probably get the PERC4/DC even if my backplane/disks are just U160 SCSI?

i'd definitely go the perc4 instead.  IIRC the perc4 has definitely
got better performance over the perc3 (excepting maybe comparing
the perc4/dc against say a perc3/qc?)



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