Debian Sarge & OMSA

Iiro Niinikoski iiro.niinikoski at
Thu Mar 31 01:00:20 CST 2005

Jay Wineinger wrote:
> Iiro,
>    Yeah, I get the temps, fans speeds, and system health summaries via 
> snmp.  Here is a piece of a php script I use to update my rrds.

> As far as that error you're getting, I am not sure what to tell you.  
> Ive only been playing with this OMSA stuff for a couple weeks now.  You 
> said that it doesnt depend on the version.  In that link I sent you, I 
> said that i use 1.4.0a and that patch that I used is specifically for 
> that version.  If you havent tried that version, maybe you should give 
> it a shot.  Otherwise, I have no clue =/

I've tried patched 1.4a -> no use, still complains about 'cannot install 
bla bla bla' :)

I got the snmp-side working, I can get values (and this would be enough, 
I can manage without OMSA), but there are no

enterprises.674.10892.1.600 and

Someone with 1850 or 2850, are you perhaps experiencing the same?

Drivers are

ii  dellomsa       4.120-3925     Server Administrator Instrumentation
ii  dellomsa-drive 4.120-3925     Server Administrator Device Drivers

I've tried older ones too -> makes no difference.

Any help appreciated.


Iiro Niinikoski

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