Remote access to PE2850 with DRAC4 Tim_T_Murphy at
Wed Mar 30 16:51:18 CST 2005

Hello Olle.

> In the virtual media screen the message "Current status
>  Connecting..." is shown forever. It is never coming to
> a "Connected" status. Clicking on "Refresh" will change
> the status back to "Not connected".

For virtual media data transfers, RAC opens up a port 
on its network interface (default 3668) that the VM
plugin needs to connect to.

maybe a firewall is blocking this connection?

> On the server I can't see anything in the message file.

>From your fstab, the virtual devs are /dev/hde and
/dev/hdf. the info you sent indicates these are
present on the server, so no problem there.

> About the console redirection. Any ideas on how to 
> get it working with international keyboards? 

There is work underway now for localized keyboard
support in the DRAC4 console redirection.  I will 
find out more and get back to the list.


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