Dell RAC remote operations and Perl tool

Burnett, Kendrick kwb at
Wed Mar 30 15:37:22 CST 2005

>> Invalid password [rc=0x140004]



>> Basically saying that the password is wrong


> So you should think about what it is saying...


>> I'm wondering if the protocol used to talk to the RAC has changed 

>> since the last time the Perl tool has seen activity(2003 as far as I 

>> can tell)


> It is still working properly here with 1650, 1750, 2650.

> ERA FW up to 3.14, 2650 BIOS A19 and A20.


The password is correct, the racadm tool can be used remotely to power the
server up and down, and issue other commands

The web service also works fine with the same username and password.

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