2650 + PCI card = new motherboard!

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A 32-bit PCI card with 2 "slots" in the connector would be compatible with either 5V or 3.3V signaling.  A 5V-only card wouldn't fit into a 3.3V PCI slot--that's what the slots in the connectors are for.  And you are right--5V only cards are pretty old.


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I added a PCI 5 x USB2 card to my 2650 and first it wasn't seated properly (awkward to see and get at in the rack) so it didn't work.  So I opened that top again and really squeezed it into the slot.  No POST, not a glimmer.  The motherboard got goosed!  Just had it replaced today with the riser too - took the engineer a couple of hours plus all my time.

So I asked Dell about PCI cards - not wanting to put the old one back in even though it works fine in a cheap PC.  They said any PCI was fine except not 5V.  No particular recommendations and Dell don't do them at all.

The PCI card was an unbranded one with an NEC 0720101GJ chip.  Only £9.
Unfortunately I can't find anything other than a recommendation from OpenRG whatever that is.  The card has two slots in it so it will fit in the top PCI/X slot but I don't know whether it is 3.3 or 5V signalling.  I thought 5V was old hat anyway so anything with 2 slots would be 3.3V but perhaps I'm wrong.  There is no word in the 'manual' about such things.

Can anyone recommend a USB2 card that works on their 2600/2650?  I really need to get this working so I can set up a proper backup onto my 250Gb external drive and using the installed USB1.1 would be like waiting for paint to dry!  I guess I would be happier with a branded make like Belkin or something - I don't want to have to go through seeing a completely blank screen again!



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