Debian Sarge & OMSA

Iiro Niinikoski iiro.niinikoski at
Wed Mar 30 11:12:42 CST 2005

Jay Wineinger wrote:
> I dont have an 1850 but a 2650.  Ive created a short "howto" (used 
> loosely) on my process for getting OMSA working on sarge.  I make no 
> claims to whether i do things the right or wrong way.  hope it helps

Thanks dude :). That's about how I've been trying to do it. I'll try 
again soon.

Jay, can you get out the the temps of your machine? If yes, do you do it 
with SNMP or with omreport?

Now I get in both Woody and Sarge this one when trying to install the 
OMSA (patched or not, doesn't depend on version):

Turning off DMA on IDE CDROM drives.
Disabling DMA for CDROM /dev/hda
Message: [Start] -> Please wait
Cannot install/upgrade any applications on this system.

And I've tried to check the /tmp for logs, but the om-logs tell me 
nothing approriate. Ideas?


Iiro Niinikoski

> Iiro Niinikoski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> yet again, another problem with Debian ;) But this time, it's Sarge. 
>> Server is brand new 1850.
>> So, my question is, has anyone got this one working on Sarge?

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