Alternative disk drive configurations

Hank heskin at
Wed Mar 30 08:55:32 CST 2005

Thanks for your responses..  I already have four 2650s with the
Perc3di, and haven't had any of the known PERC problems... I'm a
one-man-shop, and I know the 2650/Perc3di platform very well, and
would like to stick with it for now.  I know Dell is no longer making
the 2650s as well.  I looked into the 2850s, but really don't want to
switch now, while new 2650s can be had for very good prices on the
reseller market.

I'll look into RAID 10, but not sure I want to add that to the mix of
other RAID 5 containers I have to manage.   I'm using


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