Alternative disk drive configurations

Neil at
Wed Mar 30 08:29:39 CST 2005

I (and plenty of others) always go for RAID10.
for databases the performance should be better (you should test)
in general rebuild time should be faster (you should test)

if you can stretch to 5 drives then raid10 with a hotspare

sure you'll loss some disk space (4x73 gives you 146 raid10)

are you thinking hardware or software raid?

with the perc cards that come with pe2650's there are issues (that's possibly 
the understatement of the year)

On Wednesday 30 Mar 2005 14:21, Hank wrote:
> I'm about to purchase another PE2650 for my website, and I'm
> considering the following two drive configurations (OS will be RHEL
> 3.0 WS and database is MySQL):
> Scenario #1: two containers
> 2x36GB RAID 1 for OS
> 3x73GB RAID 5 for Database
> Scenario #2: one container
> 4x73GB RAID 5+73GB Failover for OS and Database
> Now for #1, I definately like having separate containers for OS and
> data, but I don't like not having a failover drive as I can do in
> scenario #2 with a shared RAID 5 container.
> What are peoples' thoughts and opinions on these two options?  Is one
> preferred over the other?
> Thanks.
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