Alternative disk drive configurations

Hank heskin at
Wed Mar 30 07:21:40 CST 2005

I'm about to purchase another PE2650 for my website, and I'm
considering the following two drive configurations (OS will be RHEL
3.0 WS and database is MySQL):

Scenario #1: two containers
2x36GB RAID 1 for OS 
3x73GB RAID 5 for Database

Scenario #2: one container
4x73GB RAID 5+73GB Failover for OS and Database

Now for #1, I definately like having separate containers for OS and
data, but I don't like not having a failover drive as I can do in
scenario #2 with a shared RAID 5 container.

What are peoples' thoughts and opinions on these two options?  Is one
preferred over the other?


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