Debian Sarge & OMSA

Iiro Niinikoski iiro.niinikoski at
Wed Mar 30 01:14:27 CST 2005


yet again, another problem with Debian ;) But this time, it's Sarge. 
Server is brand new 1850.

I tried to do the OMSA-installation in a Woody way; everything went 
smoothly, but omreport didn't give me any info. Module esm compiled and 
loaded perfectly, and the software and drivers installed perfectly too.

I tried to use different versions of both the drivers and software, but 
no luck. The version I got on a CD is 4.2 (and of course there's no such 
packages as dellomsa*.rpm).

So, my question is, has anyone got this one working on Sarge?


Iiro Niinikoski

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