System backup applications (again)

Ernie Buford ebuford at
Tue Mar 29 17:07:02 CST 2005

Pottinger, Hardy J. wrote:

>It was our understanding, from reading the Amanda manual and the FAQ,
>that if you have a filesystem which is bigger than a single tape (we
>do), you will need to do multiple smaller runs, until you have segments
>that *will* fit on a tape.
>Is that not the case?

That's right, but it is simpler than it appears....

The "smaller runs" don't have to be entire filesystems.
They can be subdirectories, e.g.,

 From filesystem /data you could dump:




The smaller these dumps, the more flexible AMANDA
can be in packing them onto 1+ tapes (aborting a 10GB
dump and starting over on the next tape is not as painful as
dumping 220GB, failing, and having to start over... & over....).

Or there IS that tape-spanning patch (now part of the
distribution?).  I've not tried it, but you can read about its
interesting author and origins here:

We currently backup ~250GB.  I worried about tape capacity
initially.  Boy, was a I wrong.  Now the reality is that I need to
dump more data or cut the schedule back to be more efficient
with the hardware.  AMANDA does a handful of full dumps
every night, amounting to about 35 GB (25% of a tape).  Each
dump on the disklist gets a full backup at least once a week (more
often for me since I've got tape to spare.... so I'm probably
wearing out my tapes & hardware faster than I need to).

>We archive data out of a 1.7 TB partition, a set of files sometimes as
>small as 300GB, sometimes larger. The tape library has an SDLT220 drive
>in it, so our tapes max out at 220GB. We generally need three tapes to
>do the archives, using Arkeia right now. Arkeia takes about 7-10 hours
>to complete, at about 730-740 MB/mn. 

AMANDA reports our backup rate at just over 1 GB/min.  That's
on a 100 Mb network, but we don't have fiber, SAN, or any of
that fancy stuff (aside from the tape library itself).

FWIW, I googled step-by-step instructions by Fran Fabrizio that
made initial config *much* easier than wading through the manuals
(which I also did!).  Thanks Fran!


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