Remote access to PE2850 with DRAC4

Olle Liljenzin olle at
Tue Mar 29 14:46:45 CST 2005

What mozilla versions are supposed to work when connecting to a DRAC4/I ?

The server is running RHEL4 for EM64T. I have not installed any special
software for the DRAC. Is this necessary for remote access?

I get the console redirection to work from a SLES-9 client running mozilla
1.6, but can't get the virtual CD to work. I have only tryed the CD when
Linux is up and running, not as boot device.

I also tryed from RHEL3 clients with mozilla 1.4.3 and from RHEL4 with
mozilla 1.7.6 and firefox 1.0.1, but can't get it working at all.

On Red Hat It complains about the java is not Sun, but on Suse it seems to
accept the same IBM java 1.4.2 engine.


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