System backup applications (again)

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I bet the problem with throughput is in the implementation.
With LT02 tape drives I was getting 33MB/sec.  I know first hand that the
Lt02 drives work, you use the IBM Linux drivers,
Amanda can accesses the SAN attached tape storage with no problems.
No problem with that.Also Amanda can span tapes, this guy should 

This document contains notes on new features in AMANDA 2.3 that may not yet
be fully documented elsewhere.
Multiple tapes in one run

I've rewritten the taper - it now supports one run spanning multiple tapes
if you have a tape-changer. The necessary changes in support of this have
also been made to driver and reporter - planner already had support. There
are a couple other places that should probably be updated, like amcheck.
Dumps are not split across tapes - when taper runs into the end of a tape,
it loads the next tape and tells driver to try sending the dump again.

If you are feeling brave, set "runtapes" to something other than 1.

The new taper also keeps the tape open the entire time it is writing the
files out - no more having amchecks or other accesses/rewinds in the middle
of the run screw you royally if they hit when the tape is closed for writing
a filemark. 


The servers you need to backup a large amount of data in a short period of
time should be attached via fiber to your SAN attached tape library.  Or you
can build up anetwork with multiple gigiabit
network cards, take your pick, it depends on the speed you need.
Amanda isn't going to hinder your throughput.

Upgreade to at least Amanda 2.3 and RTFM.  Also can you post to this group
the hardware you are using to implement your backups?

So yo uwanna look?  Welchs dumped Veritas because of Veritas
bugs.  They switched over to Comvault.  guess how much???
$140k!  I'd still rather switch use Amanda but this deecision was
a team decision.  I'm only one voice.  I can tell you Amanda performed
extemely well.

If you want to pay for some consulting time to get this going let me know.
All I need is remote access to the amanda server you have implemented and
remote access to a client you wish to backup.  I will configure the two of
them as an example and I'll document what I did.  You can use the work as an
Cost would be @2,500.00 but I'll have AMANDA screaming.
If interested you can email me at jerrynsr at

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> I'm curious to know why you are down on Amanda.

We've already installed it, and it's not nearly efficient enough with
tape usage, and its throughput to tape is pretty sad. Coupled with the
problem (not entirely insurmountable, but pretty annoying) of not being
able to span tapes, and we're looking at a bigger investment in tapes
and admin time than we're comfortable with.

The problems we've seen so far are probably not insurmountable, but,
taken as a whole, we're going to keep looking.

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