Dell RHEL4 plans

Hywel Burris hywel.burris at
Tue Mar 29 10:20:27 CST 2005

> Actually, Tom, what I expect from enterprise class vendors is 
> for them to work together with pre-release software so that 
> when the software is released it has HAD 3 months of testing! 
>  My new IBM servers were certified for RH4 when RH shipped 
> it.  I haven't needed to call, but I would be very surprised 
> if the tech support people haven't already been trained on 
> RH4 as well.  I expect this from HP and IBM class vendors.
> Dell shows itself, once again, to be only an 
> "Enterprise-class-vendor-wannabe".  
> As always, my $0.02.
> -Michael

Here in the UK, IBM currently don't support RH4 on their xSeries

I have also checked this with our server specialist.



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