Dell Utilities Partition recovery/booting

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at
Tue Mar 29 09:35:29 CST 2005

Bonjour a tous,

	We put a PE2600 out of production after it lock-dead at SCSI
	level 3 times in 4 night in a row.
	According console display and logs it could be either the
	controller itself or one of the disk.

	Before to request Dell support, I'll like to run complete and
	intense diagnostic on all SCSI devices.

	Problem is (while the system SCSI disk access is working fine)
	I am not able to boot on the Dell Utilities Partitions anymore
	(I double checked grub.conf and reinstall it, no luck, I know
	 first hand, Grub config is working).
	I guess; while the partition itself seems intact via a 
	mount -t msdos; some critical boot sector on partition went

	Is there a way to reinstall the Partition Utilities??, according
	my 'google understanding' PU could be a part of the "server 
	assistant" (CD: P/N G2665, Nov 2003), but looking inside the CD
	tell me otherwise.
	Is there another trick/check I can do to fix sector and boot
	partition anyway??

	Could somebody give me a hint where can I find a PU avail to

	Many thank for your help.
A bientot
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