Dell servers with 2 post rack/DC power supplies ?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Mar 28 23:52:22 CST 2005


i've been asked to order some servers (in a large hurry) and the POP
location has specified a preference for DC power (but AC supply
available if necessary) and an absolute must for 2 post rack mounting

does anyone have this config and/or can point me at a recommended
config/part number etc from dell for ordering this ?  or even can
tell me if this is something dell do a lot of so when i talk to them
i can get a server ordered and delivered in a week or so..

i'm specifically looking for the equivalent of a dell PE1850 or
smaller and the requirements are pretty basic:

o dual gigE
o 512M of ram
o dual power supplies a bonus
o RAID1 - hardware or software, don't care.  IDE preferred, scsi fine too.

and i'd need to get two of them delivered (within the US).



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