System backup applications (again)

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Mon Mar 28 20:17:14 CST 2005

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> Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:20:56 -0600
> From: "Pottinger, Hardy J." <PottingerHJ at>
> Hi, I know this was covered in a thread a while back, but I wanted to
> get a fresh round of recommendations.
> Whatever we go with needs to drive a PV128T, with one SDLT220 drive. The
> list of contenders, gleaned from the last thread, is:
> HP Data Protector
> Yosemite TapeWare
> EMC Legato Networker
> IBM's Tivoli
> Arkeia and Amanda are not on the list. From what my admins are telling
> me, Amanda can't easily deal with the amount of data we're talking
> about. And, our tests of what it can do are pretty unimpressive. Oh, I'm
> also not interested in scripting up something to use mt and tar. :-)

   I'm curious to know why you are down on Amanda.  I've
   had it working here for about 6 months with a PV132T
   (LTO) library and a half TB of data.  I've got plenty of
   capacity to expand the config to backup some of my
   workstation clients if I want.

   Amanda is free and it writes tapes readable with native
   Linux commands (my old ArcServe and Networker tapes are
   useless, AFAIK, now that I no longer have the apps that
   wrote them).

   Are your disappointments with "what it can do" related to
   lack of GUI or advanced features, or am I missing something?

   Ernie Buford
   University of Vermont

> Our backup needs are about to get a lot simpler, and we really just need
> to be able to archive large amounts of data  (300GB) to tape on a
> quarterly basis. Regular backup is going to be relegated to a disk-based
> backup package, managed by another group.
> Based on my preliminary look-see this afternoon, I'm thinking TapeWare
> is our product.
> So, I'm looking for any other suggestions for applications. I'd also
> like to hear any comments on TapeWare specifically, and if anyone has
> experience with this tape library (128T), that would be cool to hear as
> well.
> Thanks!

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