System backup applications (again)

Pottinger, Hardy J. PottingerHJ at
Mon Mar 28 16:20:56 CST 2005

Hi, I know this was covered in a thread a while back, but I wanted to
get a fresh round of recommendations.

Whatever we go with needs to drive a PV128T, with one SDLT220 drive. The
list of contenders, gleaned from the last thread, is:

HP Data Protector
Yosemite TapeWare
EMC Legato Networker
IBM's Tivoli

Arkeia and Amanda are not on the list. From what my admins are telling
me, Amanda can't easily deal with the amount of data we're talking
about. And, our tests of what it can do are pretty unimpressive. Oh, I'm
also not interested in scripting up something to use mt and tar. :-)

Our backup needs are about to get a lot simpler, and we really just need
to be able to archive large amounts of data  (300GB) to tape on a
quarterly basis. Regular backup is going to be relegated to a disk-based
backup package, managed by another group.

Based on my preliminary look-see this afternoon, I'm thinking TapeWare
is our product.

So, I'm looking for any other suggestions for applications. I'd also
like to hear any comments on TapeWare specifically, and if anyone has
experience with this tape library (128T), that would be cool to hear as


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