bypassing PERC? Eoin_Mcguinn at
Thu Mar 24 05:45:57 CST 2005

All you can really do is to remove the PERC and place the SCSI disks on
the onboard SCSI controller. 
The 2650 and 2850 have onboard RAID controllers, the 1300 has only a
plug in PCI card.

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Lutz Birkhahn wrote:
> Johnn Tan wrote:
>> We have a PE1300/550 with PERC2/SC.
>> I tried just deleting the hardware RAID array, hoping it would just
>> see the attached disks (at least this way I could use Linux
>> Software RAID), but that didn't work either.
> Did you check if there's an option in BIOS to enable/disable RAID?
> That's how it works on 2650 + 2850, at least.

Yeah, I've looked. There appear to be only two pages in the BIOS. And 
the options that come closest are "IDE Controller" ("auto" or "off") and

"SCSI controller" ("on" or "off"). I didn't play with either, but I'm 
pretty sure they won't affect the RAID controller.

I did CTRL-M to go inside the RAID controller's utility, too, but there 
doesn't seem to be anything that disables it there either.


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