bypassing PERC?

Johnn Tan waterbuffalo at
Wed Mar 23 18:47:08 CST 2005

Lutz Birkhahn wrote:
> Johnn Tan wrote:
>> We have a PE1300/550 with PERC2/SC.
>> I tried just deleting the hardware RAID array, hoping it would just
>> see the attached disks (at least this way I could use Linux
>> Software RAID), but that didn't work either.
> Did you check if there's an option in BIOS to enable/disable RAID?
> That's how it works on 2650 + 2850, at least.

Yeah, I've looked. There appear to be only two pages in the BIOS. And 
the options that come closest are "IDE Controller" ("auto" or "off") and 
"SCSI controller" ("on" or "off"). I didn't play with either, but I'm 
pretty sure they won't affect the RAID controller.

I did CTRL-M to go inside the RAID controller's utility, too, but there 
doesn't seem to be anything that disables it there either.


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