SNMP Monitoring for Megaraid2

Will DeHaan wdehaan at
Wed Mar 23 18:09:57 CST 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 08:36, Thomas Uhl wrote:
> Hi,
> we are looking for a lean solution for monitoring the RAID state of
> a Dell 2850 using the megaraid2 driver.
> We don not like the Dell OMSA stuff because it is not RPM based and
> an overkill (Java, ....).
> Is there any solution SNMP based solution for that?
> The perc-apps-A08.tar (percsnmp) is not working in my environment.
> (RedHat AS3)
> Yours
>   Tom

I deploy openmanage without its web gui. Openmanage consumes far fewer
resources when installed this way:

tar -xzf om_410_lnx_managed_system_A00.tar.gz
cd omsw
TERM=vt100 DISPLAY="" /bin/bash -license -noinstallweb -force

I create a trivial RPM with Dell's tarball and references to the
installer and uninstaller shell scripts. It's still messy in the sense
that rpm --verify knows little about the installed Openamage files but
at least an RPM carrier makes it easy to add to a distribution. 

Will DeHaan <wdehaan at>
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