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I know this if very off topic and I don't mean to add fuel to the fire
or gang up on Dell but we're in the same boat.  We spent over a quarter
of a million dollars with Dell last year on Linux systems, all with
extended warranties, support and all that jazz, for nothing!  No one,
and I mean no one that you get on the phone seems to have a clue how to
deal with Linux problems.  Hell, half of them haven't even heard of
Linux and want you to reinstall Windows on the box.




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> YOU!  Off my planet!


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Hmm. I don't want to sound like a whiner herre, but is there actually
anybody at dell who
supports this software? It seems that EVERY release is a major change to
how it works, and
functionality breaks.. Forget calling up tech support and asking for
help (spent $40k on tech
support licensing last year, it's worthless for our needs) .. How
exactly do we find documentation
on what does what with openmanage for linux?

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On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, Michael Halligan wrote:

> Where can I find the ServerAdministrator RPM? I thought it was in
> omXXX_lnx_managed system_AXX.tar.gz but it doesn't seem to be anymore.

it's no longer in the later OMSA releases.. i assume the functionality
has moved elsewhere.

i've found it in a older release (om33_linux*.gz) but it's definitely
not in om420*.gz



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